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Sell up all my DSLR kit for a Compact System?


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Looking for opinions from those that have tried both.

I got quite into the photography but my interest has tailed off over the last year or so, and I think it's mainly because I don't want to carry around an SLR sized camera when I go places. I recently went to Europe, and took the camera kit, but it stayed in the boot the whole trip because I just couldn't be bothered carrying it around.

So are these compact systems a worthy replacement?

I'm thinking of going for the Nikon 1 but open to other suggestions if there are better alternatives?


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What do you have?

In my opinion, it's not worth it - yes, you can get decent compacts but none will rival the quality of a DSLR.


ClioSport Club Member
Why not just keep the Dslr and 1 lense, no tripod crap etc.. It's the same hassle carrying around 1 little camera bag compared finding somewhere to store the compact.

Really good compacts can be a little chunky also.
Im interested in this cos I had very much the same problem. I tried Gallys suggestion of just using 1 (relatively) compact lens but it just seemed a waste of a DSLR. So I sold it. The trouble is that I've still to decide what to replace it with. A huge part of me wants to buy another DSLR cos I do actually miss it but then I remember why I sold it in the first place.

I came damned close to getting a Canon G12 but again, as Gally says, its actually quite a chunky unit and I wasn't convinced that it would scratch the photography itch I had. At this point I still own a couple of lenses and assorted gear (tripod, bags etc) so could easily get back into DSLR's but am still vaccillating wildly and daily between the different options.

^ Absolutely no help to you whatsoever I know. Just letting you know you're not alone ;)
Saying none rival DSLR's is a bit wrong - a lot of them these days actually use DSLR sensors and easily equal the quality. The "old" style bridge cameras like the Canon G10/G12 that use cmos sensors do suffer a bit from quality but they are quite cheap.

I had the same issue with my DSLR kit so I bought a fuji X100 - the quality is insane and it's lovely to have a camera I can walk around with in my hand - but at £750 they aren't cheap and they have a fixed lens. The fuji X1-Pro looks fantastic but trouble is it's not much smaller than a DSLR lol
What do you have?

In my opinion, it's not worth it - yes, you can get decent compacts but none will rival the quality of a DSLR.

Many like the NEX 7 will improve on most dslr's in the quality stakes.

I roll with a csc and a slr, happy days :D
If I were you, I wouldn't sell up. I'd just get a snap and shoot aswell, if you can.

Best of both words and almost limitless in what you want to do/acheive.

Also, using a snap and shoot for a few months may make you appreciate the quality of an SLR... However, if you do finally decide that you just prefer the smaller camera, you can then sell up. I certainly wouldn't sell up before making the jump...