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Serves him rite.

this morning, i was rudely awaken by the sound of an engine revving, looked outside and i saw a chavved up corsa and the owner was just revving the hell out of it outside and showing his mate. he didnt seem to get tired of the revving. anyway he opened up the bonnet to show his mate the engine running and then when he closed it and went to open the door to go, well the door didnt open and i heard a plip plip, the guy had locked his car with the engine running, me and my dad laughed for several minutes then i had to go and he was gone when i came back.

sorry for the crappy pic, jst gives u an idea.

ps, dont know if this is in the wrong section, sorry if it is


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Karma is simply the golden rule: what you give out is what you receive - either in the same or in similar form. You reap what you sow - your actions create that which you do live out now, whether this relates to a past/future life situation or to the present date.