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service - renault dealer or independent

  Black/Gold 182
182 is due for 1st service. Renault Dealer quote £250, local independent will do the same for £150. The independent will use full renault parts etc so as not to invalidate warranty.

How important is it to have an full RENAULT service history? My dealer where I bought the car have been largely useless so I'd prefer not to go back, but on the other hand I don't want to kill resale values
1st service 18k - oil change and filter - check levels / check running gear ...... that is all they do. Were do they get these stupid bloody prices ?

We do 18k services on all Renaults for £85 + vat
  Black/Gold 182
It's a 182 so first service is 12K. The independent is not a renault specialist, just the local village garage. We;ve used them for MOT on the wife's Civic and they've just done some bodywork repairs on it too after she drove into a wall. They seem pretty good. One of the blokes lives opposite me and drives an Integrale so I guess he's a car nut
  Black/Gold 182
one other thing, will an independent have all the correct diagnostic tools to plug in to the ECU - or don't they do that in a normal service?
  LY V6 with Recaros
Why is every dealer so different, I got quoted £200, which is still too much!
  Subaru STiV
I doubt your local garage will have the ability to read ecu faults, I took the wifes 182 to a local garage for its 12k service, I believe that as long as the garage is vat registered and follow renault service schedule then no probs re warranty.

Ive taken our clio to sunwins in renault for warranty work and they never even check service history, just make sure they use genuine parts i.e oil filter

  Black/Gold 182
yeah the garage said they would use genuine parts and are VAT registered so no problems there. I think I'm leaning that way. The Renault dealers have been so useless I'd rather not go back