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Should i drive? DANGEROUS??

  Clio 1.8 16V
Help!! I need to use my car tommorrow...

On my way home from football tonight my car started to make like a whirring, scratching sound whilst turning left and even worse on breaking at slower speeds!!!?

I've checked the brakes (discs, pads etc) and there are fine.. Pretty new so dont need replacing... But i did see a very tiny tear in the offside driveshaft gaitor.. Like 1cm long.. oil was leaking.. Could it be this? Could the driveshaft be worn due to dust getting where it souldn't?

Would it be ok to drive tommorrow.. Not far.. Only about.. Erm... 20 miles max! until i get chance to have a better look tommorrow night?
  monaco blue 172 ..
sounds like most of the grease might have come out of the cv joint! if you NEED to drive it tomorrow you could try squeezing some grease into the tear through the gator ,this will lubricate it for a while ,,other than that its its your call fella
  monaco blue 172 ..
the joint could cease up due to no lubrication, or the noise could just get louder either way it could result in a new joint ,but thats what it sounds like to me 90% sure
ah you'll be fine just grease coming out of the cv joint dont drive round forever like that though mine went about a fortnight ago and i've still be using it but its going into the garage tommorow for a new one, so yeah if u desperately need to use it but only a little bit you'll be fine but for the cost of about 20 to get it fixed the sooner the better!
Just use it and be careful IMO. You need a new shaft anwya so any extra damage doens't matter.
If you want get some duck tape on it or better still you could fix it using some of the bycycle punchure repair kit stuff.
  Clio 1.8 16V
Cheers Guys... I've ordered a new Shaft from GSF.. Only 25 Quid.. Wont take long to fix... i'll Do it tonight!