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Should I get this car or .......


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

No way! She lives away up in the north of England, some wee town called Scotland.

I really dont think a V6 would last a journey like that. They have serious problems running distances greater than 20 miles. Wish Id never bought the heap of junk now.


  Shiny red R32

I have really enjoyed this little bit of teasing and the comments from everyone, positive or otherwise and it feels like a joint ownership!


  Shiny red R32

Just realised that I havent told BenR yet. He had one for me back in Hong Kong but he has taken too long about it!

Where is Ben?
  Megane 225 baby! :)

You lucky, lucky thing - not jealous one little bit :cry: honest!!!!

Think we all need a running report on how things go with it!!!! ;)

No room for the dogs in the back, unless you like them char grilled:confused:

Anyway congratualtions on being a proud owner of the V6 Reno Nessy:D

Thank god you have made your mind up !

Typical woman keep us poor men in suspenders !

Well hope to see you on the road as at the moment mine is a Stealth Bomber.

No one sees it.

I can assure you that you will just love it.

Ignore those comments from people that do not even own one.

The speed limit is 70 max on the roads, unless you intend to race it I doubt that you will ever take it to its limit.

All the best

John V6


  Shiny red R32

Thanks Greeper but it hasnt arrived yet, also he will have to be named.

I walked past Jaques earlier tonight and felt very sad for him, so my husband said that if I felt that way, I should phone the garage to cancel the V6.

  Alfa Mito 155TB


A very good car to purchase, looks great, has the noise, I was behind one last week and he had the back end sliding amazingly because of the rear wheel drive...The V6 was awesome...right choice, plus in the future you can upgrade to the Mk2 version.


  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by Melly D on 16 July 2003

Whoohoo!! - wish it was me :cry:
Maybe a mark 2.........:devilish: (jas?)

Mel you have the best present to come in October when Jas puts that gold ring on your finger ;)

You can then start bossing him about and maybe his first order from you could be to get you a V6 - that is unless he is secretly planning to get you one as a wedding present!! ........ (Jas)!!


  Shiny red R32

Thanks Louise. Did you see my message about the disappearance of your "Late Night Crew" thread? What happened to it after all this time? I bet that naughty Jas deleted it along with the Word Association Game!



  Shiny red R32


Which, the ring or the car? I am just beginning to think "What have I done, ordering such a totally IMPRACTICAL CAR???" I cant even get my dogs in it. Maybe I should tell the guy to cancel it!!!!


the car (got one ring on my finger already!!, nearly there!)

u know you wanted it, impractical or not. its awesome! lifes there for livin girl! :D