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Should I sell up and move on

A lot of people on here mention how expensive it is to run a valver, and i never saw their point until recently. It seems all my costs are coming in one big lump, the annoying thing is most of it is my fault.

Over the past couple of months, ive agreed to buy a new set of alloys, ive replaced the leads, air filter, plugs and fuel filter plus i got some clear side repeaters and some injector cleaner. Now ive bent the sub frame as well as doing some other damage sliding on an ungritted road on thursday night.

Ive noticed that the gearbox has been feeling really dodgy recently and there was a massive dead spot in the steering in the straight ahead position.

Is it time to move on? Do you reckon this is the start of some very big bills? Im really pissed off with myself for crashing it, but it seems like im driving my mums golf more than the valver.

I think im already talking myself out of it, but what do people out there reckon about moving on?



no think of the good times

plenty of people on here willing to help you (me included) get your car back on the road

Yeah, i guess im just a bit depressed about it this morning. Im sure it will all change when its back on the road, the weather starts getting better, and ive got a new job.

Youre right, its probably feeling a bit abused at the moment, but i bet its happier sitting in a garage rather than doing 500 miles a week through salt covered back roads that my mums golf is doing.

I suffer this from time to time. It really works 3 ways;

1 you get a new enough car that doesnt need work very often - you will just lose more money in depreciation!

2 get a older car that will usually cost less but be more hastle as you will need to get it fixed more often.

3 get a new car that depreciates quickly and needs fixed often;) ask the Gza
  BMW 320d Sport

Steve Ive had my valver for about 4 years and it has cost me heavily all the way. But I wouldnt ever sell it. Im just driving around an old Tipo at the moment, doesnt matter that my valvers off the road, cos I know Ill get it back soon. Wouldnt want anything else. Stick with the car you already got - at least you know what needs doing on it and what youve done already. With another car, itll end up costing you just as much cos every car needs maintenance and stuff needs replacing, not just Clios, I thought my Clio was expensive to run, but Ive spent £800 on my Tipo in the last couple of months, just to keep it on the road!

I bought a 16v with a re-built and tuned engine for what seemed like a good price at the time - it also had leather and all orignal panels/paint.

Within three months the entire transmission had given up the ghost and there were a myriad of other problems that needed sorting. At that point I was very close to selling up. But I stuck with the car (and the bills) and now have got to the point where I own a completely mint 16v that is ready to rack up the miles whenever I might please.

I find that if you use your 16v as a second car - or, like me, use a bike/train/bus whenever you can - then the car will take a lot less strain.
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I got like this last summer - the f**king heap of sh*te as it was often referred to by myself, spent a while, on the drive, in the garage, in my mums garage, off the road more often than not at one point, but once everything was sorted, i was glad i had kept the beast! Just got on top of me when i saw some of my mates driving about all the time with no hastles, or worries in their own cars, at the pub every weekend, when i couldnt afford to do much due to the clio..worth it tho, i still aint got bored with it from the day i got it in jan really is something special and i know i would miss it if i got rid of her....;)

Was talking to my girlfriend and she wanted me to sell cos of the money i was spending on it, so i said i would only sell to buy a williams! - she is still not saying a lot....

i break mine on a weekly basis,

my garage refer to it as the billion dolla car,

we can re-build it.:D

just think sun, speed and windows open.
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Got mine in Jan 2001 too and love it to bits. It is everything I want from a car and so far not prooved too expensive. Make sure I look after it and do the majority of things myself as I have learnt from past experience that some places servicing misses things like the fuel filter.

Just had the cambelt changed which was my first major thing to be done and the water pump also needed replacing. Cost bumped up by teh cost of a chip but the chip makes it so much more fun and drivable. Wish i got the chip ages ago.