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Should Reno have done a 172 bonnet bulge

  320d M Sport

As in from factory like the Valver and Williams? Those bonnets make the car instantly recognisable, and have gone down as a legend!

Has anyone out one on their 172, if so which?


The purpose of the bulge is because the inlet manifold of the F7P/R engines(16v/Willy) would foul a normal Clio Mk1 bonnet.

The vent cools the exhaust manifold, which is at the back of the engine bay - next to the bulkhead. I dont know about the 172, but most cars seem to have their exhaust manifold at the front of the engine bay - where they can get cold air more easily. Hence the bonnet vent on a 16v/Willy.

Looks so distinctive though. Matches the wide arches too. I wish theyd beefed up the rear arches on the 172 as well - the 16v/Willy share only the roof/doors/boot with a normal Clio. Mind you, the 172 isnt exactly ugly!
  CTR EK9 turbo

the "zorst" manifold is on the back of the engine i.e. same as 16v. Looks like spaghetti junction too! nice shiny silver tubes all over the place! I wonder how it keeps cool?

Was the main purpose of the bonnet bulge on my valver to let cool air in or allow the hot air out, at speed I cant imagine much cool air being forced in as it was flush to the bonnet rather than the R19 16v which had a scoop which purtruded.

Why would it need to let air in? Its not a turbo feeding an intercooler! Its not even feeding cold air to the induction system! It to let air out! And with regard trying to copy something that s already been done - thats exactly why Renault didnt do it again - its called moving on............

If it had to let air in id say that its for the reason Ben H stated " Rear facing manifold next to bulkhead, lack of cool air from front grill" As for Moving on it dosent seem to bother the likes of Subarus Impreza or BMWs M3, both up to date cars with vents and bulges that serve a purpose. IMOHA the valvers bonnet set it apart from lesser Clios and was instantly recognisable. It just oozed motorsport heritage, It was also a bold decission of Renault to offset it to the right rather than place it central. Dont know if this was a cosmetic decission or if there was a engineering reason.

Still looked great though.