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Side Badges Stolen

Some little f*****s have nicked the 2.0 16V badges off both sides of my car. The missus went to Milton Keynes to watch Robbie on Friday and the car has been in the garage since then so I guess it was when she was parked up.

Does anyone know how much these cost to replace and are there any alternatives that are lest attractive to little chavs that want to stick them on their 1.1 ?
  FF Blackgold 182
A dealer will more than likely try and sting u for that kind of thing. Don't think K-Tec do that sort of thing either. Little toerags!:mad:
Like u say, keep an eye out. Good luck to ya fella!
Thieving scrotes :(

Don't the clips snap rendering them useless if forced off?

To get my old ones off I had to remove the bumpstrip first :S
  R26r R26
There are a few people who sell them quite regularly on e bay.I bought a set for mine as I am changing the side strips and the day after the auction finished he had another set on there for sale.I thought about super glueing them on when I fit the strips but they will probably do more damage trying to get them off.
  FF Blackgold 182
Spoonie said:
I've just found a set on eBay asked the seller where he got them from, probably nicked as well

People sell all sorts of stuuf on eBay. Like u say, probably half inched. Saw a CS grille on there the other day. Said it was spare or something like that.:S
Do these things have IDs built into them? Don't most car parts now relate back to the car they came from? Be nice if there was a way you could check what you're buying to make sure they're legit and not nicked by some lazy chav. Should also be able to report to eBay those users you expect of selling stolen items on there. Then again it's probably not worth it to the police because of the value of these things.