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Side Repeaters Clio 172

Hi All

Just sold my previous Renault with some sadness I must admit, but it was time to move on.
As the name suggests I have on order a 172 Cup, due end of September.

What I cannot believe is that it comes with orange side repeaters. This must change the day I pick it up, so who supplies the best after market clear ones. bearing in mind this is my first ever new motor and i dont wanna start cutting her up.


have been viewing this site for a number of weeks, and am very impressed and as soon as I take delivery I will become a member, unless I see any of you at TRAX
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Demon Tweeks do some nice ones. They dont quite fit straight out of the box - they just need a couple of bits nibbling off. Philips Silvervision indicator bulbs will remove the orangey look from the other indicators too.

Hey there 172 Cup - Im also expecting deleivery of my new Cup end of september. Tres excited as Im sure u are. My point exactly ! Dont want to start cutting a brand new car up abut the side repeaters and philips silver vision bulbs, an alloy tax disc holder and a strur brace are my first mods!! Good luck


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Both of you Cup people - with the Demon Tweeks clear side repeaters, you dont touch your car - you only have to snip off FOUR LITTLE PLASTIC BITS on the inside edge of the lenses then they fit snugly into the hole in the wing, having first put in the little orange bulbs supplied with the lenses.

It makes you wonder why Renault put those horrid orange things on the wings. At the same time change the equally awful orange indicators front and back for the Philips Silver Vision and the appearance of your Cup will be improved hugely!

Many Thanks

Will order some over the next week or so. Just hope Ive done the right thing and sold my other Renault, as she was pushing out bout 220bhp, and the five I still own bout 150bhp.

But having the good fortune of getting a new car cheap appealed to me. Besides this is the stepping I wanted before I buy new megane TWR turbo .

Am excited bout the Cup though, cant wait