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Silver 172 - Gloucester rd, Bristol

  A4 Avant & A3
Spotted a silver 172 going down Gloucester rd towards town, i think it was an 02 plate with turini's.. around 1.30-2pm ish yesterday (saturday)
Lad gave me a little wave.
  172 Cup
Pretty sure that was me in my Cup. It's taken a year for someone to spot me, you should get some kind of prize ;)
  A4 Avant & A3
did you wave to me?....

if it was you.. it couldn't have been an '02 plate then.. i'm getting old.. my eyes aren't what they used to be.
  172 Cup
Yes I attempted to wave, being old(er) myself I need to get right up to a Clio before I am 100% sure it's an RS ;) '03 plate on my car, but the time/place is correct. Were you in a Blue 182?