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Sky iD

  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
I've had sky for years and now i have an app to recored stuff of my mobile, i set up a user name and gave them one of my new email address's all of my mobile on the app. And when i came to open the all and wanted to record a program it say's i dont have a sky+ subscription please contact I rang them up tonight and tyey said i need to a emaill address not my present email address and also i need to sign up to sky iD. Even though i have a user name for it and also used my email address.

Anyone got any clues cos i'm stuck on what's going on


  911 GTS Cab
i can confirm you don't need a sky email.

you do have to tick something in your sky profile online to enable you to use the remote record function though
  Fiesta ST-3
Yea you need to sign up to skyonline or something like that. No need for a sky email though.

P.S its the best app in the world.


ClioSport Club Member
  Kawasaki ER6N
As above dont need the sky email just link it with the account that you use for sky online.
  Fiesta ST-3
Think you can do it on your Sky box aswell.

Just go to Sky Active - Sky Products - Remote Asisstance.