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Slayer caught on film !!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

is that his boyfriend in the background?

nice single wiper conversion though!

and behind him in pic1 must be a 172 hes just leaving behind then ....

Managed to break the gearbox on one of them Mule things at the golf range I worked on during the summer whilst repeatedly trying to pull a J-turn in it.


  Shiny red R32

Well guys

He was well and truly caught! He reckons that his Slayermobile is blue, but now we can see that it is flaming red and black.

Needs lowering too!



  Shiny red R32

I have just seen him again, sneeking along the lane not far from where I live, in his SlayerMuleMobile probably looking for Haggis! No wonder he hasnt been on the website much for a few days, he is up here in Scotland!

Woohoo - 4000 posts! :D Wheres my prize?


ClioSport Admin
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no prize, your subscription just went up to £45 / year to pay for the extra website resources we need. :D


  Shiny red R32


I see you are online at the moment.

Have you slayed any Clios in your new red / black SlayerMobile today?

  VW Transporter 174


We are in the "clio discusion" forum so talk of my car is OFF TOPIC and we dont want to incure the wrath of the cliosport taliban do we;)

btw,im very dissapointed with the capt for being invovled with this, and i was going to start a bring back the cap campaigne a couple of weeks ago-you find out who your friend are on here:)