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SmartEngine virus

  Not a 320d
Hi. So ive got a laptop to sort out, infected with SmartEngine. Did a bit of Googling last night to try remove the offending piece of software but it doesnt seem as straight forward as the guides on tinternet, certain processes do and dont exist, tried removing it manually, wont, Spybot S&D finds things but for some reason wont remove it in safe mode??, and in normal mode it loads up and then BSODs. Has anyone had any experiece with it before?

I really dont want to wipe it as it need to back up about 16gb worth of s**t.
Run Malwarebytes, i would be surprised if that didn't get rid of it.

Then run CCLeaner to fix EXEs etc.

Could also run that exe that stops all maliscious exes first - forgot what it's called though :(
  Not a 320d
I ran iexplore.exe or whatever it was an tried to kill the process with little success. Running Malwarebytes now actually in fag mode. still scanning so im not sure if itll work. Its a real Pig is this one.
  BMW F31
Grab a HDD or similar size, backup, Reinstall, job done! you'll end up spending ages f**king about and it'll be better in the long run to do a refresh tbh.
  Not a 320d
f**k it, theres so much s**t on here. I really dont want to go down the route of reinstalling everything but i might have to. Atleast itll be a clean install.