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So now whats the best phone?

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I've had my W900i SE mobile for a while now, and although its a great, feature filled phone, its annoying me sometimes with the keypad unlocking when its in my pocket and the cover slides open. I've dialled all sorts of crazy places and accessed the internet not even knowing about it. Plus its a bit clumpy and large. Could do with a new phone I reckon.

I like the look and features of the K800i, does anyone have one of these? Opinions? Other than that, I dont want a flip phone or a crappy brand either. Preferably a Sony Ericsson or a Nokia if needbe. Will be buying outright from Ebay or something as contracts suck donkey balls.

Cheers :)
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n73 currently :D

especially now tomtom 6 is released.

and the new software on the new nokias is not slow!!!!!! before people who have had 3 year old nokias always say it is! ;)
k800i - love mine.
Wasn't sure when I got it, as I had a Samsung D500 and IMO, that was the best phone I've ever ever had.. so I didn't think I'd like anything the same, but, the k800i is mint!


E61 - For web browsing/email/satnav
K800i, still best all round phone Best camera phone (for pictures)
N73 good all rounder that does "proper" nav.
N93 Good for video and showing off.
I would say the N73 but it hasnt got WIFI so i have to think the N93 or N80 in the nokia range. Dont know about any other makes


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If your after smartphones id say the best 2 at the min are probably the P990 and ornage m3100 (Hermes)

there just both brilliant .....think im gonna keep both for a while:D


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RSi Dave said:
n80 crap?
Yea N80's not very good at all feels very cheap....had 1 for about an hour and sold quality was shocking,good screen though.
  ex Clio 172 owner :(
N80's are brilliant. Does everything. I've got a 2gb card and have mp3s and tv comedy dvds on it. Radio, 3.15mp camera (oddly labelled a 3mp) pics pretty much as good as K800 bar the odd out of focus one.
Wide range of software. Thought it was a wee bit chunky at first but it's not really when you compare it to other phones, it just looks bigger.
Screen is great and wifi is cool. I was at a wedding last week and pickedup a free hotspot and was keeping up to date with the football!
Plus video quality is really good, twice the resolution of the k800.

Best phone I've ever had.
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I have the k800i and its quality, cant fault it, if you like a lil photography then this is the gone to have.

Dont you have to pay £100+ for the tomtom software on the nokia?
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Cheers peeps. I'll have a looksie at the N93 now, but good info and opinions on the K800i. I heard the battery life is abysmal, though.
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not too bad, i dont really notice it thou, as when I upload my pics I leave the phone in the usb for a hour and that charges it.
  ex Clio 172 owner :(
my N80 needs charging daily depending on usuage. If you haven't used it much and it has half the battery left, you still need to charge it really for fear of needing to use it a bit more the next day.

The usb connection doesn't charge it unlike Sony Ericsson phones.
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k800 is much better battery than the n80. but as for the phone itself. its not a lot more than a phone and a good cam. if thats all u want its great. if you want more out of ya phone get a symbian or something else, as the K800 is limited to what it can do.
I'm looking for a new phone, got the W800i, and tbh it does everything i want it to do, apart from teh earpiece speaker and main speaker are shite, but then i spend alot of time in noisy places.

Don't want any smart phone stuff, justa decetn camera, decent mp3 player with lots of memory, and decent battery life, even the talk time ont eh w800i is a bit on the shite side, let alone 3 hours on the nokia abve iirc

TBH only phone, looking that i can see that orange offer is the w810i....thats an upgrade on the w800i

Needs to be able to take abuse, so no touch screen, a larger screen woudl be a bonus though, not flip or sliding, wanna be able to take the phoen outa my pocket and use it

Anyone got any other recomendations.
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Adams_16v said:
n73 hehe

screen is amazing on it for its size :)

whats the buttons like on it?? screen looks big buttons look really small and fiddly...also does the tomtom software work well on them??
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT
im not sure mate, iv not actually ordered it....i did think the same tho about the buttons, but iv read no end of detailed reviews and not read any complaints about them, so i assume they are fine.

apparently the new tomtom 6 is tried and tested on it, but iv not tried it personally yet.
  artic blue 182
ok mate cheers

pissed off with the joystick on my ericssons stopping wotrking after 6 months so think i will go back to nokia

either that or a samsung d900
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
I bought my dad a w810i for his birthday. Great phone, more or less same setup as the w900i feature wise, but I did find the buttons and joystick were very fiddly :(
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT
not sure mate, but from reviews i have read its a lot better than the N80 as the battery is improved. also has no wifi which drains the n80's battery life.

Lunner said:
what about the battery life, or lack of on the nokia?
  Clio 172mk2
well my n80 batt last 2-3 days but i rarley fone n e one , tom tom 6 does work on it . theres a new ver of the n80 been released N80 internet somet, dont know if the specs any better. Once the n80 is on firmware 4 this resolves all major issues with buggy software. and also speeds it up slightly.