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Sold my valver today 18hrs after putting it on Auto trader!!

  Renault Clio 16v
Sold my 1996 n plate clio valver with 67k on the clock today for 2K, sold within 18hrs of being advertised!!

Got some valver wheels from freebone a while back if anyone wants to pay £80 for them plus p&p.

Bought an Astra VXR instead.

nice one mate, went ou in my mates VXR, and the seats are great.. seemed to spin and fishtail and torque steer everywhere though


nice one andy. compliments the VX nicely.

Wouldnt mind a passenger ride sometime. (you will have to bring it to the wiggin tree meet)
  Mint Clio Valver!
what valver wheels are they? ph2 ones? il nab a centre cap of ya! lol. im missing one so have removed the remaining three.
  Renault Clio 16v
Valver put on the internet only and as luck may have it a bloke who lives 6 miles away has just been paid out £1800 due to his own Valver being written off by someone driving into his front end! He commented on how immaculate mine was which was nice but its depressing to think that you can virtually give away such a cracking car for such little money!!!!

Valver wheels are phase 2 but they all go together lol!!

Picking up my VXR on Saturday and am currently considering a full millitek system at £1050 fitted.:cool:

  Renault Clio 16v
No it includes a stainless steel downpipe aswell as cat back gives around 12bhp but crackles and pops all the time like my misses vx220.

They sound awesome, anyway 1k for an exhaust I agree it should be gold plated but my mate paid 4k for an exhaust system on his porsche 911 then again it did give him an extra 50bhp!!!

  Renault Clio 16v
Yep!! 911 turbo and its over 500bhp, my mate is minted as he owns his own bodyshop and his yellow porker was his pride and joy he even went as far as spending £4.5k on a set of alloy wheels for it. Then again when its a show car people do spend ridiculous amounts of money.