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Sombody hit me Cup

Got home this morning after nightshift and when I locked the car noticed my fron t bumper had a big white mark down the side of it. The panel that wraps round to the wing, from the front fog light. Gutted.

IT wasnt there last night on the way to work , and Ihavent hit anything, so it must be some b*****d at work who cant park. There were no cars next to me when I left, so the sneeky F***er must have parked somewhere else after. Goin in early tonight to try and find it.

All the paint has come off with polish , thank God, but there is some very small scuff marks, if you look in the right direction and the light catches em.

Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of em. Not sure if T cut does metallic paint.:(

sorry to hear that mate, someone hit my cup 4 hours after i picked it up. Same sort of damage, left a black mark all down the side. I wiped most of it off myself, but as you say, it sort of scuffs the paint. Took mine down Renault and they got the bodyshop to touch it up, there were marks on the plastic trim as well. T-cut do a metallic paint, not used it myself though.

good luck with your search for the bloke....or woman