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Some C*nts Gone into the side of my car

Went to go up to uni this morning to do some work, was admiring how nice and shiney my car looked, as i got round to the drivers side i noticed a big brown mark on it, which looked like chocolate, as i got closer i noticed some scratches and then to my horror a foot long crack along the rear wheel arch. Needless to say i am highly pissed off. I think it must have happened in one of the uni car parks i was in last night. So i went to ask if they had security camera footage of it, but sadly that car park didnt grr.

Anyone know how much this is gonna cost me to fix, a rough estimate would be useful. heres a pic of it:

Some prat revered into mine on the 4th of Oct. Dinted the rear wheel arch. Lucky i got his details and am going throught the insurance. Got three estimates, cheapist £406 and most expensinve £523. If your car has Met paint it wil cost around the same.

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An old giffer hit my car passenger side rear panel when my car was two days old!!!! tiny little dent and some paint had come off - damage was full panel respray £450