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Another car gone, and one bought. X5 3.0d.


ClioSport Moderator
Turns out if you leave something plugged in for a week you drain the battery.

Bought this a few weeks back. It’s been used 3 times, all failed. Total garbage.

View attachment 1634891

All it did was drain the battery more. Even jump leads didn’t work!

Stuck the battery on charge and we are back in business. Good news: the IC is now speaking English:

View attachment 1634892

Bad news, if I want a working radio I have to complete this quiz.

View attachment 1634893

Happy to take suggestions on what a previous owner considered his favourite album.

That’s brutal. You can only hope it’s Daniel’s favourite album..



ClioSport Club Member

I have no idea why, it was set a few owners back and a mate hacked it for me when I took the battery off once 😂