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Some *pics* of My valvar! (low res)


I seem to be making full use of this camera phone (7650)! here are some up to date low res pics of my phase 2 valver:

She now sits pretty low!

The clio fits in nicely!

Remember i will be selling of these phones very shortly so if anyone wants one PM me.


my pics are already in the photo gallery but they are old.

By the way phil ill put my pictures where i like! If you it bothers you dont look at them. thats why i have put *pics* on the title!
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Im sure I followed you down the A23 once, and i went down the inside of you to take the Hassocks turning by the defunct BP garage?? If not you have a very good looalike. It was Mon 30 Sept at about 6.00pm ish.
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You got that written in your spotters diary Anders..? Watch out, Im on to you... next week hopefully! ;)

Adams_2k, what size wheels and how low is your car?? by the way it looks well lovely, wish mine shined like that...........probably would if i washed him!! ;o)



i know that car its adams old one. nice example too

17" and lowered apprx 30-35mm


nice motor mate. still aint seen it since u got them wheels of yours. plz dont put willy stickers on it though ok


no mate that was an old idea which faded pretty quickly.

When we all gonna meet up again then, its been bloody ages!?


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adams_2k I like that front splitter? where did you get that from or is it the whole bumper?
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yeah 17" and lowered about 40mm I believe. I bought the car from Adam a few months back. Top bloke! :)


yeah mate still gotta race your valver as mine is back up to health and absolutely flying, my car been back on the road for about 2 weeks now and i need a new engine mount but im still not got used to power. it just pulls cleanly and soo eagerly now, i aint fettled with it since nick hill advanced the chip plus im sure i was losing power through the blowing centre box. trust me its nothing like how u drove it at power engineering. it just goes. im itching to race a few willys too.

wat we gonna do. pod it !!!!!!!!!!

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when you say "low res" aaronc, what setting is it on on the 7650? the low res setting on the 7650? what file size are these pics on your phone? just interested cos you can have 2 settings on the 7650. they look decent to say they are from a camera phone.

these pics are the low res (i think) and each one is about 25kb on the phone.

Hope that helps

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so what would be the size of a high res image on the 7650? or is the 25kb a high res image and a low res one would be 12kb?

To be honest im not too sure. I just tried to find the option on the phone but couldnt! The thing is i just looked through some of the pics and some are 38kb some are it varies quite a bit. I think it depends how much information/graphics there are in the picture.

I have another programme on my phone called camera fx which has a low and high picture setting on it but have yet to sign up for registration which is needed for full use fo the programme.

ive got a 7650 the image quality settings are under the camera settings if i remember right, the basic setting is sh*t and i cant really see any between normal and high, suppose it depends on light etc .. maybe then u could see a diff. that camera fx looks cool, take pics in negative, mirror, loadsa options, but havent found one fully working yet, just the freeware one

anyway, cars :) does anyone know what bumper / splitter that is then ?
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sorry for not getting back. Its a PMC splitter. Part no 43-300

Price £75.74

Only problem is it doesnt quite line up along the sides of the bumper, its about an inch or so short each side. You cant tell unles you look. I didnt notice until it was pointed out. Its fairly low though, i think ive hit the kerb with it when parking cos its got a massive crack in it now :cry: