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Somebody speaking out of their bum

  Megane RS 250 cup
There's a gent on the facebook page claiming that the vehicle he is selling is a limited edition Clio 197 due to it being Racing Blue and having white wheels. I was under the impression that the only limited edition 197's were the R27 ones. Am i mistaken or is Neville Ruddock speaking out of his a**e?


ClioSport Moderator
Racing blue was a limited edition colour in the 182. As above, the only 'limited edition' is Liquid Yellow (The R27) in the 197 series.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah seen both the posts on fb.
Was a nice one the one that got pinched.
I bet its broken to biys already. Nk way you could hide that as a full car.


ClioSport Club Member
Probably some shitty dealer limited addition like that one on here that was black with a few red decals added. I'm trying to remember what version the dealer called it.


ClioSport Club Member
Iirc, racing blue is the rarest colour (excluding the White one) on the r27s.

But rb and White wheels does not a limited edition make.
The amount of people sticking the eBay Renault F1 Stickers on thier Clio be hard to find a real one lol.