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somethings gone

  172 cup
really strange noise at the rear . creeking and car feels really twitchy on the bends , feels like the back end is moving about . thought the bloody wheels was loose .all fine though .any ideas.
  197 FF Glacier White
My mates Clio has just broken a rear coil spring on a pothole, have a look at that, it's making an awful racket over rough roads!

  ur megane r26
Mine is exactly the same, making a nice creeky noise on all bumps, and feeling really horrid to drive, my left rear shock is covered in oil so definately have a look at that
  Clio Sport 172
yeh, was sort of feeling like no grip on my tyres but they are only a month old, so i checked it out and found my left rear shocker had gone. replaced it with a new one and its driving alot better again so i would definately check it out mate :)