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Sound deadening help!!

  Dynamique S 138
How many rolls would i need to cover:

2 Doors

Rolls are 100x60 cm :dapprove:

Also consideing doing under the carpet too but its quite a lot to cover
  Monaro VXR
And your gonna want 2 or more layers in certain parts to make a decent job of it.

Probably best off buying the second skin bumper pack type thing from CAD its about £130 but should have enough to do a good job of it and do multiple layers. Be thankful you only have a clio try putting the stuff on a citroen C4 coupe think im gonna need 3 rolls per door to get 2 layers on. and do all the little bits around the speakers and the pods etc.
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
are you suing dynamat xtreme?

A bulk pack and 2 door packs did mine, but im adding the same again to double up.

I know you like your speed Vinny, and dynamat is REALLY heavy!


there are much cheaper versions of dynamat available matey also try using expanding foam that works well too;)
  Dynamique S 138
I do like my speed but i dont like the rattles and everything else that goes with it, thank god the doors are thicker than a ford KA's lol

expanding foam, like what they use in brick work lol
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
the cheapest ive manged is an xtreme bulk pack (9 sheets) for £120 posted off ebay.

dont bother with dynamat original its s**t
  V6 Exige, GTR R35
i used 2 boxes of dynamat extreme for the boot, doors rear quarter and the floor - same as above £120 a box.....
Your boot will still rattle with just dynamat or similar... And when you stop one thing rattling something else will start ie boot lock/wiper motor ect.
Get down homebase and get some rockwall sound insulation, break it into small bits and stuff the boot cavity/rear 1/4 panels full, it makes a huge difference.