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Sound system for home

  C63 AMG, F430 & 172
Just in the process of completely renovating my property (every wall, floor and ceiling pretty much out)

Was thinking of adding a few speakers into the ceilings of the house in the

bathroom (if possible)
master bedroom

Whats the best way of doing this? can speakers be wireless?
I keep reading about sonus but have no idea what this is


  S5 Sportback
On a separate issue, where is the house thread? Saw your bathroom wall on Facebook and looked epic. Get an update thread in gc. :cool:
  Bus w**ker
If the speakers are wireless they're going to need a power source of some description, that's if they are even available - no clue. Personally I'd really recommend Logitech Squeezbox(es) or something that works with Airplay, loving my Apple Airport Express for this as it works flawlessly and the music in multiple rooms is perfectly in sync (not *NSYNC).