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South Yorkshire Mini Meet 13-09-06


  ST on the way...
Here we go guys and gals, piccys from our mini meet last night at Meadowhall.





Family photo! (South Yorkshire lot ;))



  Flaming Inferno 225
i knew my eyes woulf be shut with the group photo, i take a horried photo :( cool pics by the way :)
  RB 182
Good pics!

But now im getting worried about that camera at 3regions! hehehehe!

(kirsten must NOT drink)
  A Fcukin Car
Ready, of course I am although u can't keep me out till 1 again 2nite, I am shattered, I gotta try and get to work on time at least once in the last fortnight!!
  A Fcukin Car
Billytheclio said:
I dont keep you out, you are in control of benson, I have bought you something today!!

I know but if I know u an Billy are out I wana be out:D

Ohhh pressie, wat u got me??
  Blue Clio 182
ive tried to get to the end of the rainbow before but you can never find you know!!!

Have a guess i have given you alot of clues!!!
  A Fcukin Car
So I can add it to my collection, it flashes, and is somat to do wi crazy frog?? Some clues Sarah, I dunno, give me another clue please and get me a rainbow!!