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Sparky help on a 1.8 16V

  Renault 5 - 1.8 16V
Hi All

Have a tech question that i am hoping someone from here maybe able to help with.
We have a renault 5 GTT with a 1.8 16V transplant. The wiring on the original transplant turn out to be a complete and utter bodge.

Earlier this year the main loom insulation broke down at the front of the block, this created a short and shortly after resulted in an engine bay fire. Luckily the fire was extiguished before any major damage occured, but the loom was a right off.

A new loom has been put on the block and we have the engine cranking. this is where the problems begin. the car has no spark. Have tested the signal from the ECU to the Ignition Module and am getting 0.03Volts. coming out of the coil there is only around 10Volts i was expecting this to be in the 1000's? am i right.

Before the fire i'm sure there was a relay clicking inside the near side relay box when turning to 2nd stage on the ignition. This is no longer the case. Have we missed something. Also down by the nearside relay box there is a large round plug with a rubber grommet insulation, the pin formation on this plug would appear to be similar to a 4 pin relay plug, does anyone know what the plug is for?

I understand this is a long post but am slowly running short of ideas. Is there any auto-sparks on here that can lend us some advice? we are just outside of southend, if there is anyone with a good knowledge in the area willing to have a look, our currency is beer would be good to speak with you.

Many thanks in advance

There has only been a few F7P/F7R conversions on the 5GTTs - I think BB Performance Tuning have done one, and I'm sure I've seen one done individually.

White I hate to recommend going elsewhere other than here, have you tried asking on the 5 owners club as well? or Renault Turbo Owners club?
head over to Theres at least one person on their who did the conversion themselves and a few people that will definately be able to answer your questions.
  Renault 5 - 1.8 16V
cheers for the pointers the peeps, We have been intouch with BB and got a quote to have a look at it, problem is we would like to do the fault diagnostics ourselves before we go to somewhere like that so we have an incline on what the problem is don't get our trouser pulled around our ankles.

Will check out the retro renault link and see if they have any advice

Thanks again