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Spax dampers any good?

  Civic Vtec y0
IMO you get what you pay for, I have never used Spax or Koni but I would also go for the more expensive ones (within reason)

You get what you pay for is only a general rule of thumb tho, some cheap makes will be better than good ones


ClioSport Club Member
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i'd have the konis anyday over spax, i heard they had problems with the rear shocks, noisy in operation?
I had spax on the rear of a 205 1.9 gti and on my 172 before having H&R coilovers and I thought they were great - my 205 was the best handling car I have had and the clio was far less twitchy at the rear than with standard shocks - well worth the money although I had the Spax RSX on the clio. In fact I think they are for sale again in the for sale section on here
Don't use SPAX IMO there rear dampers have some sort of design fault they keep claiming to have fixed it but this has been going on for a good few years.

To be fair they are good with warenties but theats becase they seem to have admitted there an issue I had 6 or so sets in 6 months.