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Special spacer for stock steering wheel

  BMW M3 E46
Hello everybody,
I'm Giacomo from Monza, Italy. I own a Clio 197 Luxe bought in 2008 brand new.
After two years of using, i started tuning it fitting supersprint exhaust, bmc air filter, ECU remap, y pipe, bilstein suspension, speedline turinì rims, new brake pipes and I changed exterior and interior adding F1 R27 stickers, carbon parts and recaro seats, which were not available on Luxe type.
I enjoy very much my car driving in the night on the streets around Como Lake, and I've been on Col du Turinì road in France several times during my holidays.

There is one problem that I couldn't stand since the first day I sit in the car: the steering wheel is not provided of any kind of axial regulation. I'm 1,80 m (6 feet) tall and the steering wheel is too far for my arms when my legs feel comfortable. Last month I had to re-cover the steering wheel because the original leather was damaged from finger rings (my mother also uses this car), so while the steering wheel was under re-covering, I have studied a solution and made a spacer that makes the steering wheel becoming more near to me of 4,5 cm (little less than two inches 2"), but the good thing is that all the functions of the steering wheel still works! Airbag, horn and cruise control still works because you keep the original steering wheel. You only have to go to Renault and make the wires longer by cutting and jointing them.
This solution can be alternative to mounting steering wheels which are not original and has no airbag. I didn't want to give up the Airbag, it's too important for me in road daily use.

Now I try to post some pictures.
  BMW M3 E46


ClioSport Club Member
The comfortable leg position equals steering wheel too far away is possibly the most annoying problem I have with the 182, this looks like a really good solution.
  BMW M3 E46
Thank you guys! I have a friend with the 182 that has tried this product and he says that it fits 90%. He lives quite far from me and we have to meet so I can see what's wrong. At that point I think I can fix 182's steering wheels also.
I'll keep you update!
  BMW M3 E46
sorry if I write so late, but my job keep me very busy. In Italy 40 % of young people has no job, so I better do my best to keep it!

I just wanna let everybody know that the first one who will post here after this message will receive one spacer (the cheap version complete kit) FOR FREE,
so can test it and if likes can keep it. Just write down a feedback.
  Clio 182
They look good and I like the idea as I find the wheel to far away but won't the indicators and wiper levers be to far from the steering wheel now?

mad in general

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 phase 2
Sorry another one who read it wrong.

Although I do have a close friend with a 197 and he would also be happy to try it.
  BMW M3 E46
OK, so who of you do I have to send the free sample kit to?

Hammock123, car.crash, mad in general or mad in general's close friend? Please find an agreement! :rolleyes:

With the cheap version the steering wheel gets 4,5 cm (less than two inches) closer to the driver, but all the lever are still comfortable to be used.

The expensive version in the last picture is perfect if you don't buy the intermediate spacer between the steel and aluminium side, but if you want the steering wheel in racing position (in your mouth :D) and your going to buy it with more than two intermediate spacers you have to take one hand off the steering wheel to use the levers.
  CLIO 197 Ultra red
I'm lucky enough to be receiving this offer from giacomo via

lookig forward to trying it and will be posting a review as soon as possible.
  CLIO 197 Ultra red
Well the part came today. Thanks so much to giacomoI won't be home until Christmas Eve but will try and get this fitted as soon as possible.I'm hoping this makes my clios driving position perfect for me.Just looking at the photos it seems excellent quality and very well designed.
  BMW M3 E46
New version for both Clio 2 and Clio 3 is done! Fits on Twingo RS too!

150 € plus shipment cost!

Here some 3D drawings:




  Clio Trophy,BMW X5,
This looks just the thing for what im after...
Has there been any updates on the manufacture of this spacer.?
Its to go on a Clio Trophy 05 plate.
  Clio Trophy,BMW X5,
Just tried to PM Ken, but his inbox seems full....
Ken you need to empty your inbox. If your still active on here.??.......
  BMW M3 E46
Hello, thanks everybody for interest!
Next week I'll start work (holiday is finish :( ) and I can make shipment of the spacers.
They're ready to stock, so the only time you have to wait for it is shipment time.
Of course, for me is ok to link this on Dutch forum, thank you :)

About Ken, we heard us time ago and he said he just didn't do the job on the car. I don't remember why. Maybe he has sold the car but I'm not sure because many months are passed.
He asked me if I wanted the spacer back but I told him it's Ken's now :)

Anyway, the 182/172 spacer fits on Twingo RS also and an Italian Twingo owner who bought it is running since many months/kms and feel's happy.

If anyone wants to buy it, and feels a bit "scared" to buy with no review first, I can do like this: if after mounting you don't like you send me the spacer back and I give you the money back.

The payment of the spacer is on Paypal, this must be a guarantee :)
  BMW M3 E46
Let's understand us :)

150 € is for the whole kit pre-assembled, as you see in each pic, plus a longer M12 screw (OEM will not fit because too short) and a rubber cover ring (not in the pictures) which you'll need so won't see the spacer from outside when fixed.

Please keep in mind that i'm referring to the pics ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE, which are 3D Solidworks renderings of the spacer.

The first two pics are front/rear pics of the same product: spacer hub for Clio RS 2 (172/182) and Twingo RS.
Pics no. 3 and 4 are front/rear pics of the other product: spacer hub for Clio RS 3 (197/200).

Each hub assembly is composed from two parts bolted on with 5 screws: a male-splined stainless steel hub, which they share, and female-splined aluminium hub, which is dedicated to Clio 2 or 3.

While ordering, you only have to ask for it and tell me for which car you need it. Also write me your address to evaluate shipping cost by carrier.

The single block aluminium hub, on the top of the first page of this topic, was for sale for 100 € and IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
  BMW M3 E46
The intermediate spacer, which you can see at the bottom of this pic ( in the "third line")


cost 20 € and increase the hubs of 1 cm more. But you don't need it if you're not taller than 1,90 meters (6 ft 4").

But such tall people won't buy a Renault Clio, maybe a Megane RS.
  BMW M3 E46
Some pics more, now I'm going to answer to PM's.

Kit for Clio 3: 1+2+4+5 €150
Kit for Clio 2: 1+3+4+5 €150
Kit for Clio 3 extended: 1+2+4+5+6 €170
Kit for Clio 2 extended: 1+3+4+5+6 €170


Pre-assembled hubs


Steering wheel side


Steering column side


As I said, ready to stock




Good job! I look forward to mine, if it doesn't work I honestly will start looking for a different car, so annoying.