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Specialist insurers record.

After a year or so agao looking into insurance companies who like modified cars I though I should post the list up. I had no end of trouble insuring a car with a roll cage. WHilst not all of these will cover cages they are popular companies with young people wor ones with high insurance group cars often. Please add any other companies but don't turn this into a thread slagging off companies. If you want to do this please link to another thread.

Liverpool Victoria (Frizzel) phone no. 0800 709709 . They are normally very competitive on high performance cars and very rarely insist on trackers for high insurance group vehicles .

Sureterm Direct phone no. 0870 2020230 . Good with most Jap imports , but especially with 4x4's .

Keith Michael's Insurance phone no. 0870 8453333 & 8458888 . Recommended by a few customers with high performance vehicles.

Adrian Flux phone no. 08700 777888 . Generally one of the better insurers
for imports , although can insist on Cat 1 immobilisers when some others
dont . Starting to clamp down on modified vehicles though .

Tesco car insurance phone no. 0845 300 4400 Or online at . They seem to very good all round , especially with medium risk cars and are not too strict regarding immobilisers.

Privilege phone no. Or online at. . Dont specialize in imports , but generally competitive for high performance vehicles

Graham Sykes phone no 0845 1300 231 . Extremely competitive on high performance and modified vehicles including cars with roll-cages.