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Specialists in West Yorkshire??

  2004 Racing Blue 182
Are there any 182/RenaultSport specialist near Huddersfield?? I'd like to have my wheel alignment checked as I hit a pretty hefty pothole last night and the car feels like it's puling. want to make sure nothing untoward has happened! I would use kwik fit in brighouse but it took them 4 attempts to do laser alignment on my Golf GTi! muppets!


  Clio 182
I’ve used bram racing before and brads spot on! I’d ring pretty quick as he’s always busy

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ClioSport Club Member
I'll be getting booked in with bram soon myself. I wouldn't use all car tyres and autocare, I had to explain how to adjust the camber bolts, and even then it pulled still after 3 attempts


ClioSport Club Member
  Bean 182
Another vote for BRAM here. Great family run business, very friendly, competitive prices and Brad will set it up exactly how you want!


ClioSport Club Member
Hoping to get squeezed in on Monday morning but I'll need to be fairly quick as I'm heading to Wales after


ClioSport Club Member
I went to Bram last Monday and he sorted all my alignment out. Nipped back yesterday as my wheel was slightly off centre but he sorted that in like 10 minutes. Spent the rest of the time talking to them about the Lexus they're taking the engine out of and Ethan also popped over as he's local noww

He said he gets so many clios in so discount might be on the cards potentially?