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Specialists Near Dundee

  2001 172
As above looking to get the belts changed on my 172.. does anyone know of anywhere localish that has the tools to do the job at a decent rate.. Am not a fan of That Arnold Clark on the Kingsway at all... Someone suggested Autoecosse?

Any tips would be great also what do people find its costing pricewise.. is it going to be circa £5-600?
  172 cup- suzu rf600r
hey dundee bro! me and a mechanic mate did mine so cant help much, i do most of my own work on the car, but when i do need a garage i use place up by tealing, robert hally and sons (hallys) guy called kev that owns it, he won't muck you about and will tell you outright if he has the tools or not, and it wont cost anything like 600! fook that

number is 01382 380208
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Falkland Performance in Glenrothes gets my vote. They've done a few of them for me and a couple of other members as well and Kev's a good bloke.
Another Dundee owner! Falkland last time I checked where silly expensive like in the 6-700 bracket. I'd either get NW performance or take it to fred in brum. Book a hotel for a few days and take a mini holiday lol.


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  Clio 182, BMW M240i
I had mine done by Ness Motors Renault in Perth, wasn't particularly cheap though. They are now a Renaultsport specialist whatever thats worth.
  2001 172
Falkland have quoted as follows

We would only use main dealer parts for these engines - prices as
follows :

Cam Belt Kit - £146.08 + vat
Plug Caps - £10.93 + vat (pair).
Aux Belt Kit - £119.99 + vat (optional but advised).
Labour - £240 + vat
adding the VAT at 20% brings it to about £470 ish

Sound Decent?.. waiting a on a quote back from Renault as well
  172 cup- suzu rf600r
this is rough estimates as it was a few months ago and my memory sucks, but when i did mine -

cam belt kit (which includes the plugs btw) 90-110
aux belt (not a kit, mines is a cup) 10-15
we were something like 2 hours to do it, but then included cups of tea and yapping lol
that wasnt dealer prices either, local motor factors