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speedline advice!!

  clio sport 172
Hi all I'm after a bit of advice on a set of speedline
2118 15" in white on a silver ph1 172 so what do ya
think "YES OR NO" any comments good or bad please.

Cheers Colin...
  TTRS & V50
was thinking the exact same, heres the photoshop i did...bearing in mind they are more like 16's though.

  C63 PP,R1,,Clubman
No nice set of anthracite turinis is what you want ,o as it happens i have a set for sale soon haha ;)
^^ beat me to it !! nice set of anthracite 2118s is what you need!! PM me if you want a brand new set
dayglow green and luminous orange on oposite wheels is the way forwards, dark is soooo yesterday lol.

not white either way, looks gash IMO, but on the other hand, why not do something a bit different