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Spotted this monstrosity

3k for this :S IM OUT!!


Untitled by glenndobledesigns, on Flickr


West Midlands
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  RB Clio 182
That could be nice if it had a 1*2 lump in it with spacers and nice wheels. Need more pics tho!!!
  2004 Clio 182 cup
I seen this down tpark before and was sat in my car laughing for about an hour at how shocking it was
  C1 VTR (Company Car)
You'd be all set untill someone in a decent motor pulled up along side at the lights. That would be an embarrasing moment :p


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
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When you break it down, it's £3k for a 1.2 8v with 60bhp, it's never going to happen.

The body kit's probably worth more than the car tbh, be better off selling the kit separately,
putting the car back to standard then selling that.


ClioSport Club Member
DVLA reckons it's a 1.6?


Date of Liability01 10 2012
Date of First Registration28 05 2004
Year of Manufacture2004
Cylinder Capacity (cc)1149cc
CO2 Emissions143g/Km
Export MarkerN
Vehicle StatusLicence Not Due
Vehicle ColourWHITE
Vehicle Type ApprovalM1

Although it looks like a good kit for what gtrnav's doing at the moment. Not as all out as a S1600 kit, but enough.

LOL at 'Low Insurance' plastered across the screen though, not if they find out it's been modified with some s**t rims.

woo 60bhp

Don't underestimate 1.2 powaaaaa y0.