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Spring tide walk..

  RIP Dan
Biggest tides of the year here this week. Went for a walk offshore today, 3 mile round trip.

A few piccies, i am not a photographer....just a happy snapper:rasp:

The walk down to the tower..


Platform on right to save anyone who gets caught out by the rising tide, a nice 6 hour wait if you do





Above a cheeky little sea urchin...

Was a good walk, really enjoyed it. Our tides go up to 40ft twice a day at the was a 37ft, so pretty high..and low which gave the chance to walk right out to that tower. You can stay in the tower too, may do it next year.

  RIP Dan
Oops, forgot to label...Oyster beds...there are loads down there. They farm oysters to flog to Le Frenchies ;-)

I quite like em too.