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Spurious electrical problems

  Clio 182 FF & M135i
Just come back from a trip to the Renaultsport Spa trackday and the Nurburgring. The car (182 cup) has developed a number of electrical problems that may or may not be connected:
  • Both xenon lights have stopped working
  • Occasionally get the stop and oil warning light appear briefly (the oil level is fine)
  • The coolant temperature gauge now shows a spurious temperature (the needle moves a third of the way off the bottom, instead of going to the middle when up to normal temperature)
  • The washer jet for the headklights did seem to be permanently on at one point as washer fluid was coming out of it as a trickle
Any ideas as to the cause of this?
For the last point, you will just need new headlamp washer things, they eventually lose their seal and need replacing, otherwise they just dribble everywhere!

Alternatively you can go into the wheel arch (passenger side iirc), and add a couple of valves further up on the tubes, so they will only leak the length of the rest of the tube to the washer jet.


ClioSport Club Member
Xenons, more than likely one went, followed by the other. Worth checking fuses, but Its probably ballast/bulb/ignitor, No easy way to prove which it is.

Headlight washer, as above, replace jet, or fit one way valves (Personally I'd probably do the valves)

Coolant temp could be the thermostat, Sensors are reliable on those.

Stop/Oil, could be loosing oil pressure.

None of the above points point to an electrical issue really.
  Clio 182 FF & M135i
Thanks for all your help. The only reason why I thought it could be an electrical fault is that this all started to happen at the same time and that it was too much of a coincidence (or that was my reasoning anyway)