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stage 2 complete - coilovers

  Mazda MX5 1.8

i cant be arsed to wash it right now!

i think ill just wait until the fcs and do it then lol its all a bit like hard work
  A silver Honda

Dont be lazy lol, im gonna do mine today as its a nice day.

Looks great (but grimy) mate.
  Mazda MX5 1.8

i fear my tyres are going to quickly wear out with the new found cornering ability :devilish:

i would recommend them to anyone! (as long as u have someone to help you fit them)
  Mazda MX5 1.8

a hell of a lot lower is possible!! it can go down at the front approx 2.5 inches on the thread and the back is about half way down the thread (about a inch left on the thread)

will be going down lower for the car shows over the summer
  Mazda MX5 1.8

with 17s ull need to wind it down a bit more than i got it

feels wierd getting out the car as the floor is noticably closer to the bottom of the car.....


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

Cool....Think me and Dan are gonna be joining and re-joining the coilover club soon soon!!!

You going to FCS?
  Mazda MX5 1.8

yes sir!

gonna be getting side skirts and some carbon on before the show

and some colour coding but not sure how much yet


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

Good good...Shall be there to see it in real life! Ill defo have coils by then aswell tho!