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Stalk & Display Compatible HU

  1.6 Ford Focus
I posted last week about head units with USB/SD ports and after using a FM transmitter for a week now I think I have changed my mind on having USB/SD ports, which will save me quite a bit of money.

My question now is what units are stalk compatible, what units are display compatible and what units are compatible with both? I would prefer not to loose the dash display if possible. I have a budget of about £75 for the unit itself.

Any suggestions?
for that price there is nothing that is stalk and display compatible,the lead to do stalk and display is £75-£80 alone
  Audi A6 Avant S-Line
where will i get the lead from for stalk and display , my headunit is made by pioneer
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  Audi A6 Avant S-Line
Pioneer DEH-50UB, where would i get the cable from for stalk and display?