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Standalone ECU's and Immobilisers

  Clio 172 + Clio200T
So it should just swap out the old one, plug the stand alone in and "work" so to say?
I know I will need a base map to get it running before a mapping session
With my Gen90 I did exactly that. Unplugged oem, plugged Gen90, connected with pc, loaded base fuel map, turn ignition and roarrr.
I played a bit with ecu software but never seen something speaking of immobilizer function.
No worrys with the immo, just slap the gen90(properly mapped) and it's ready to go. The immo is managed in the UCH, so it keeps working as usual. Unlocking the ECU is only needed when swaping the OEM ECUs between diferent clios without swaping the UCH also.