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standard 16v suspension


Recently the garage who do my warranty told me that i had a cracked coil spring, which i thought was no biggy coz that would be coverd under warranty. Anyway it was booked in to have both front coils replaced, it took them nearly a week but i finally got my car back. As i got it home i kept lokking at it and noticed that the front was sitting really high my mate told me it needs time to settle which i have let it done. still a month later i am saying ti myself it still looks to high so i took it up the renault garage to have a look because ive been thinking the garage have fitted the wrong springs, is there a difference between 16v springs and other clio springs?, because the BOY at the ren garage said they are the same???? anyway the front of my car sits higher than the back. I dont no if the previous owner had it lowered before hand, so when they changed the springs its actually higher........ i dont no . After measuring from the top of the back wheel arches it is 52cm to the bottom of the alloy and from the top of the front arch down to the bottom of the alloy is 53cm (all approx)on standard phase 2 alloys. does this seem right?? can you measure yours and let me no to put my mind at rest... Also, as the springs were changed what other parts would you have changed with them?
Cheers for your help
  Williams 2, STi N12

Hopefully they will have changed the rubber top mounts aswell, as the little brass collar can get worn. But it is easy to see if they have or not.

The springs are very different.
But id say a 16v would sit lower if it had the wrong springs on it due to the extra engine weight.
There should be a number printed on the springs see if you can see it then you can find out if they are 16v springs or not.
Would have it looked at tho coz if there the wrong springs they are not designed to carry the weight.

When I cracked a spring I went to Renault first only to find out that there are 10 different types for the Willy...all the colours under the sun!

Went aftermarket in the end as 110 squids for the pair didnt exactly give me a warm feeling....

Im pretty sure there not genuine renault springs because its not a renault garage so i spose they would use after market springs, that i can deal with but if they aint designed for the sports model then it cant be good news. It all handles ok and dont look to bad but compared to what it looked like before it went in its high!!!!!!

standard springs non renault - too expensive. are about £80, uprated and lowered are about £40, as ive just been re-building the front end ive just done em, and guess what.... its lower! and its a piece of pissssss to do yaself!