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Stevo172-250 @ the airfield

Legend! Got some great video of the beast, what engine/bhp is it out of interest?!

Here is a little picture sampler, honestly been pmsl at this for ages now...

  BMW E46 330i Touring
Highlight of the day for me :D

I hear she topped out at 65mph coming down the back straight... don't think my old Cinque Sporting even got past that!
  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
guy i know who lives in fraserbro now had a seicento as a courtesy car and he had it on two wheels round a corner at his bit, was pretty scary - glad i was watching!!

they are pretty terrible cars


ClioSport Club Member
when we went 5 up in it i think that was the most fun i've had in ages so funny.......we were leaning out of the corner (in the back) to try and tip it .......wouldn't go

was a bit tight...more fun than my passenger ride in the 5.....