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Sticky revs

What does it mean when you revs keep sticking? Mine are stuck at about 2k and when I press the clutch to stop at the lights they increase to around 4K and stick there. I then have to pull the accelerator pedal up with my foot and they then go back to normal. Its pretty cool for gear changes, but not so good for stopping.

  Clio 197

If things return to normal when you pyull up on the pedal, there is something interfereing with the accelerator linkage. Check the pedal assembly and work back toward the throttle body itself. Something is either binding or is kinked somewhere along the line and the throttle is not returning to idle position.

Ok, i had a look and one strand on the cable has frayed (the engine side of the cable). So I have removed this strand and now the thing revs sweet. There must have been friction on the cable since i have had the car as the pedal was always a bit stiff, i thought it was just supposed to be like that. Now im just wondering if i should have the cable replaced and how much this is likely to cost - or sod it and see how far i can go before the whole thing falls apart,

  Clio 197

Leave it if it was just the one strand and the rest look okay. Not too much stress on that at all. If it is working smoothly it should last for ages.