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Stop & battery lights flickering. Auxillary belt overdue. Should I be driving it?

  Clio 172 Phase II
Hi All

My battery and stop lights are flickering when idling- it just started today. I guess my aux belt and/or alternator are dodgy. I checked my servicing... and I am over my aux belt servicing scheduled time by about 10,000 miles. Oops. (I know, how stupid of me) Clearly I will get it booked in first thing Monday, but should I drive it between now and then and should I even drive it to the garage to get the belts done? Any advice/slapped wrist would be more than welcome. Thanks.

  Clio 172 Phase II
I haven't got access to a meter at home and I'm scared of driving the car now in case the aux belt goes pop. Reckon I have been lucky for it not to have snapped up to now. I had it done 18 months ago on 90,000 miles or so. I'm on 144,000 miles mow, so its definitely overdue (in terms of mileage rather than age).
  Megane r26
Tbh your gonna want a meter really an start with the basic's like I said. Take it the battery is all good? Tbh just keep driving to a minimal, or just keep it off the road until you drive it to the garage.
  Clio 172 Phase II
Yeah....that's what I will do. Thanks for your help. I will try and not drive it at all if I can get away with it. What happens when/if an aux belt snaps?
  Clio 172 Phase II
I have been hooning it about for miles without changing the aux belt. (the cam belt was done 30,000 miles ago) I guess I have been a bit lucky so far.