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Strange creak and not sure on this positioning...

  Clio sport 182
Long story short. My suspension was leaking so replace with original shocks and Cooksport springs it already has the 60mm spacing shocks (believe that’s cup spec)? As it’s got a cup pack on the car....

Replaced all happy and good have used in the area I’m from (flat roads) and no bangs or creaks.

Come to Cornwall and the roads are shall we just say a little bit bumpy etc...
it’s now got a creak from nsf and believe it’s the top shock mounts as I didn’t replace them when I replaced the shocks and springs as they looked relatively healthy.

It creaks under braking acceleration and turning the wheel side to side, i opened bonnet and can’t remenver the top of shocks what they looked like when on original shocks.... I’m not sure if these are sat to high??? See pics pls

Any help is appreciated


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