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Subaru Impreza 2002 STi

Seriously thinking of changing to one of these - saw one at our local supersunday race series (single seaters, fiesta challenge/standard saloons and super saloons) It was blue, with the world rally team logos on the wing, official WRC roof vent, WRC headlights, in black, 18inch WRC gold alloys - absolutely beautiful! Anyone know how much this shape costs second hand or new (I believs they are being sold cheap at the mo!)

The STi comes in at over 22K! The PPP is another 2 grand.

Youd be as well getting an imported WRX and whack the PPP on it for a car faster than an STi(prior to the PPP) in a straight line! WRX + PPP = £18500 on import! With that you get 265BHP, 260lbf/t, 0-60 - 4.8!!
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Drive one. It is just the thing for the Irish roads, especially the rougher ones South of the Border.
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Subarus and Evos are real cars! And many are driven by very good drivers. I only saw one other Willy and probably 3 172s at the ring last year but at least 100 Scoobys. And some were absolutely flying!


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Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 03 March 2003

This STI PPP crap really annoy me!
Subarus are for people who cant drive REAL cars!
They sound nice and throaty though - much better than Clios!

its the boxer sound that sounds the best. if you go for a scooby go for a car thats no newer than MY00 ie the classic scooby much nicer cars all over really

Never Ever get a new Scoob - the second hand prices are so low you would be a mug to buy new. Unless your really loaded!! If the 2002 one you saw was a bug eyed aka a FUgly on scoobynet (F$%£n Ugly) there second hand prices are really suffering as most people want classic shape scoobs.

ah hehe i thought you would be :D hehe i never knew you had a willy :) nice to see some peeps of scoobynet on here altho i have never owned a scooby but its such a friendly place it feels like home lol

I know, its a strange place - I wonder how many people actually own scoobs on there? I was going to trade my Fezzie in for a Scoob but the running costs are too high so I went so something cheapish to run but still special - a Willie:) Still go on as many a friends now!

yeah lots of friends on there i even got a job off scoobynet but turned it down. id love a scooby but as you say running costs are way too hight so the 172 fits it much better i think altho i dont have it yet :(

heh, its cool how people say Subarus are crap.. but then want a Clio. I love Clios as much as anyone else, but an Impreza STi is in a TOTALLY different league.

If someone gave me the choice of an DB7 or an Impreza STi with PPP, I know for sure Id go for the STi. Everytime. Infact, there aint many cars about which I would take over an STi - and yes, I am being serious.



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Heres one in Glasgow and there are two more in Newcastle! Blue too!!

2002 51 Reg Subaru Impreza 2.0 WRX STI
Saloon. ABS, Adjustable Steering Column, cat 1 alarm, CDplayer, Climate Control, Electric pack, Front Fog Lights, Full Dealer Service History, Fully colour coded, Immobilizer, Leather Steering Wheel, Multi Airbags, One former keeper, Power-Assisted Steering, Rear Head Restraints, Rear Spoiler, Six speed.STI racing seats.17" gold alloys.

Killermont Motor Company

Tel: (0141) 576 7800

Price: £18,995

There is a picture on their website


  Shiny red R32

There are some more brand new ones in Newcastle.

2003 03 Reg Subaru Impreza MY2003 WRX STI
Petrol, Saloon, 4 Doors. Cars to UK spec less CAT1 alarm and Tracker. Colours - Silver, Black and WR Rally Blue. Orders taken now for cars to be delivered inJuly 2003. OTR £22,950.

Eusacar Ltd
Tel: (0191) 2064100

Price: £22,950

i dont like scoobs......sound like racy tractors, it has a turbo and 4wd.....ergh......IT IS A FARM VEHICLE!

nah, if it was free, hell yeah, but i would no way spend my money on a wallowy understeering car.....
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LOL ok then Daz if anyone ever turns up at your door with that pair of motors, you help yourself to the Scooby mate, and send the Aston round to mine!

BTW Beetles make the same sound as Scoobies if you put a big zorst on them.
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