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Summer is coming (so now i need help) please



well ive always liked keepin my car clean and the last few years ive tried a few bits,
auto glym hd
nattys wax
dodo juice wax

anyway i love the dodo juice wax and also the poorboys wax

i need to strip back and start a fresh. So im lookin at polish and sealent (if thats what i need) Can someone help me out here?

i still have the poorboys wax and a few dodo tester pots

cars a monaco blue 172

thanks all
If you just want to strip back, a pre wax cleanser like Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite will do the trick. Or if you'd prefer a little bit of bite, Lime Prime.

There are quite a few pre-wax cleaners out there, from Zymol and Swissvax and a few others. All work perfectly well and it's down to personal taste and experiences with the products.

Why do you want a sealant? If you've been regularly topping up your wax, that should suffice in terms of LSP or Last Stage Protectant/Product.

What I could suggest is a glaze. Poorboys Blackhole will fill some of the minor swirls in your paint and really add that little bit extra to the paint. Well worth investing in a bottle as by hand or machine, it really is a great product.


right i got my bits now
clay bar
lime prime
lime prime lite
poor boys black hole
supernatual wax
dodo sealant

do i put them on in this order? thanks again