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Switching To Virgin

  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
My Old man has gave me the mission of switching us over to virgin today.

Basically, we have been lazy for years, We have SkY+ TV, Internet with one company and Broadband with another! Its costing is about £120 a month.

Basically, He wants to switch to some thing where we get an all in one package. But we want.

Sky Sports And Movies
Hard Drive Recording
Free phone calls to landlines at all times
Broadband internet

Not interested in High Definition, IS that the one to go for? I read the top package gets setanta but that doesn't?

Also, I have sky in my room, Is there anywher of having that installed up stairs too and paying £10 a month extra or whatever it is?

  Skoda Fabia vRS
ring em up mate, tell em exactly what you want and to give you a price, if you dont sign up their and then they might do you a better deal

basically you need to play sky and virgin against each other and get the best deal you can, IMO you will get the best deal from virgin in my experience
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
its going to be cheaper to add phone and broadband too sky actually so ignore :)

IS there anyway of finding out how mnay mb my internet connection is? I had 512k installed as soon as it was avaliable and havent upgraded or changed ISP is there a wayto check what it is now?
  Skoda Fabia vRS
ask em..........

id ring virgin if i was you, tell em this is what i want, Sky will do it for this much ££, how much would it be from you, then if they can beat it, go back to Sky and tell em you can switch to Virgin for ££, and they will beat it

ive done this loads of times mate, i hardly ever pay full price for anything
Virgin package we have...

First of all, you need to ring up and cancel with them. Tell them your going to Freesat, Sky etc. Let them give you a 4wk cancel date, then wait..!

Phone will ring, with the retentions department, this is what you want as they can give you what you want..

The conversation went like...

Them - Why are you cancelling sir?

Us - Were unhappy with the service we have, were going to get FreeSat as we wanted HD. (a total lie, we dont have an aerial or a sky dish for it)

Them - Oh, Sir we offer a HD service through our V+ Box?

Us - Whats that then...

Them - Blaa, blaa, blaa..

Us - Ok, that sounds good...this is what we want...

and you say...

Free V+ Box (not £150 or £75, not interested in paying)
Free V+ Box Installation
XL Tv Package (

Phone line with free weekend calls
Free Installation

2 MB Broadband
Free Wireless Router

Free HDMI Cable from HD box to tv..

All for £31 a month

The V+ box is the HD box, that has the recorder in..

The XL Tv package gives you all the music, catch up on demand, tv choice on demand all free, plus has Setanta so lots of boxing, football etc.

Now, they can do this deal for you, as we did it with them. Then the wireless router failed to turn up, so we cancelled again. Told them we were not paying anything, and retentions rang, have 1x wireless router on shelf unit about to go on eBay.

You can do it, just need to speak to the right people..



Mum and Dad have VIP, cheaper than the sky option.

I was truly shocked by the 3gb bandwidth cap last night.

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