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Sysadmin/AD/GPO experts, a question...


ClioSport Club Member
I've added some strings to a logon script to record a log of AD Users and Computers, the logs for each user and each computer is updated every time they log on.

This is fine for a business where all their users work from offices on the internal network, but increasingly people are working from home via VPN etc.

Is there a way to make a logon script run on VPN connection, assuming the use of Windows built-in client, or does the 90 minute GPO refresh apply if someone has been connected to the VPN for 90 minutes and I could force a batch file or something via GPO to update these logs?

Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Is it even possible?
Can you use a scheduled task deployed with a GPO? I am fairly sure you can use the VPN connection as a trigger.


ClioSport Club Member
What VPN tunnelling software are you using?
For reference background policy is refreshed 90mims+/-30mins at a random integer.
You could be fly and create a Powershell script that emails you the logs.
What are the logs for out of curiosity?