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talk me into buying a 172/cup

  none, just walk
hi, i used to have a 172 at the start of this year for about a month?! and i got rid of it cos it just didnt feel special enough, although it was really quick and the interior and all the toys was nice i just took it for granted and i got rid of it thinking it wasnt the car for me!- then i went on to rush into buying a new shape focus sport?! what a pile of shite that was, it was too big for my garage, made me look like a old man, and handled like a boat so needless to say i got rid of that too now im onto my third car this year and its a mini one, i only got a one cos it was all i could afford because i got rid of the clio and focus i am in negative equity, but anyway, ive got it super chipped, to 140 bhp and its now got 18inch rims on it, it looks really nice and i do like it, but i still cant get over the clio, it feels like the perfect gf who you have blown it with and u wish u were still with haha

thing is now, i wouldnt mind a clio 172 or cup again cos i notice the price is falling on them and basically with the negative equity i have to add about £1500 onto any car i see and i see the 172's are starting at about £7000 so i might be able to get one of them again?
should i go for it or just wait till 2 and a 1/2 years time when i can hand in my mini and walk away and start a fresh with a new car then?
  1998 BMW e46 323i
Easier said than done,.. but if you're in negative equity I wouldn't buy a car mate. I'm getting sick of my 172, maybe it's just boredum. Not a good enough reason to sell a car though.

If in doubt, do nowt
  none, just walk
how does negative equity work? what i mean is, would it be better to change a car over in a years time rather than now?