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Temp Insurance

  Track 172 & Golf R32
Im going to look at a 172 tommoro morning and was wondering today if there was anyway you can get temporary cover for like 1-2 days to give me time to sort all the insurance out and being less hassle for me on the day?

Bearing in mind im 20 the obvious temp cover, aviva etc is out of the equation unfortunately.

Any ideas?

Cheers Guys
  BG 182 FF
lowest age for temp insurance I found you had to be 21, most are 24 though. Search google you never know you may find one.
  Track 172 & Golf R32
Just get day insurance and get your dad to drive it home for you if thats what you're worried about?

thanks for the help mate but thats not possible unfortunately..

how about if i was to use a 14 day money back guarantee on a new policy but il be hit with a deposit and a cancellation fee no doubt :/

there has to be a way im on hold with my insurance company now where i hold a policy which is on hold but im still trying to see all the options about insurance and see wht works out better for me i may be able to insure it on the company i work for but im waiting for them to get back to me.