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temporarily removing the subframe


ClioSport Moderator
Im wanting to take my subframe off to have it plated or powdercoated.

Is it possible to take it off or does the engine or gearbox sit on it. Will also be changing wishbones and pretty much everything in the front arches.

Will I need to support the engine or anything. If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Merc ML55
As @RichValver has said the engine and box will be fine.

If your subframe hasn't been off in a long time I imagine you'll encounter issues with the captive nuts inside the chassis legs. I certainly did when I took mine off a few weeks ago, I found the best way around this was to break the captive part of the nut off and then get in with a spanner to hold it whilst undoing the bolt, access is very tight though to say the least, front ones aren't too bad but the rears will give you a headache, I had already removed my steering rack (I run EPAS) to allow more room.

Its certainly a do able job on a driveway but it can turn into a nightmare, I dropped mine out on my own but refitting needed a second pair of hands, lastly due the state of the original bolts and the fact I snapped one I ordered a full new set from Paul @ RPD, I've got all the part numbers to hand if you need them

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