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Tempted by the new GR Yaris?

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I love a little hot hatch and although I can't see me selling the cup, I have some serious throb for the spec attached to that new Yaris GR and the gadget trickery diffs etc

It got me wondering if in time it would make a good replacement for a Clio.... if they are held in high regard when actually released into the wild. Obviously the turbo vs N/A might be a negative for those of us that prefer cars without turbos but there may be many other areas that the GR will likely nail the clio dead.

Anyone else thinking of paying close attention to how strong the residuals are after a couple of years?


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A f**king yaris! Get in the sea.

P. S. There's a huge thread about it already. I'd link it but if you cba to search I cba to link😉.
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